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 Providing an authentic, non-judgemental safe space that respects the persons path to self-discovery and empowerment


What will happen during our first meeting? 

This will be an opportunity to establish if we can work together, a chance to express what you hope to achieve and it will help you to decide if I am the right counsellor for you.  This initial session will be charged at £35 for 30 minutes. 

How long will the sessions be? 

Each session will be 50 minutes, usually on the same day and time each week, however I do offer flexibility for those doing shift work.  The sessions can be on a short or long term basis depending on your needs. 

What services are offered? 

I offer 1:1 counselling face to face, online or telephone. 

Michelle from Silverlight Counselling Session
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 Initial consultation (30 minutes) - £35

 50 minute session - £55

 Trainee counsellors - £35

 Emergency service workers - £45

 I also offer a discount of £5 off each session if booked in blocks of 6.

I would need 48hrs notice for cancellations otherwise the full fee will apply.

Anxiety & Stress

Anxiety is a feeling of worry and unease that can be mild or severe.  It presents itself in different forms, through our feelings, thoughts and physical sensations, such as the butterfly feeling in your stomach when you are nervous or your heart beating faster when fearing the worse which can sometimes lead to a panic attack.   I can help you to explore and understand the cause of these feelings and offer guidance in ways of managing the anxiety.


The death of a person can bring up a mixture of feelings including shock, anger, sadness, guilt, loneliness, acceptance and it can be confusing at times when navigating the different stages of grief.  Every person will experience it differently and there is no time limit of getting to a place of acceptance or coping with the loss. What I can provide you with is a space for you to safely explore these emotions and adapt to a new life without your loved one.


Depression is a common issue which can affect one in three people during their lifetime.  It can present itself in various ways such as low mood or exhaustion, it can also affect your eating habits and self-confidence.  Depression can be caused by numerous life situations like stressful event, loneliness, childhood experiences, change in circumstances.  We will work together to identify triggers and find helpful ways to see things differently.


Family & Relationship Issues

Families come in all different shapes and sizes, and they can be supportive and loving, but at times there can be tension in the relationships. It could be due to a child leaving home, financial issues, divorce, stepfamily issues.  I can work with you as an individual to overcome these difficulties and find new ways of communicating with family members.

Fertility & Pregnancy Issues

Fertility & Pregnancy related issues, even though quite common is a subject not often spoken about and can evoke a mixture of emotions like guilt, shame, loneliness.  Counselling will allow you to express your journey and struggles without any judgement.  We will work through your circumstances whether it entails accepting or embracing a new situation. 


Loneliness may affect us at certain points in our lives, whether its socially or emotionally.  It could be a feeling of emptiness, not belonging, rejection. You could be around family members or friends and still feel lonely.  The connections we make with others and how we are understood can help towards what may be causing the loneliness.  We will work together to find ways of managing those feelings.



A phobia is a type of anxiety where the person has an excessive fear of an object or situation.  It can be overwhelming and make us panic, it can make you feel dizzy, faint, have an increased heartbeat, excessive sweating.  I will work with you by helping you find coping mechanisms to manage the phobias and explore the reasoning behind them.

Suicidal Thoughts

People can experience suicidal thoughts when they are facing challenges affecting their mental or physical health.  It can present itself in different ways. It could be a feeling of hopelessness or having negative thoughts, whether it is a detailed plan or a passing thought.  It is usually a result of an underlying problem to a life event.  I can support you by gaining an understanding of what you are experiencing and helping you find ways to cope long term.

Work Related Stress

Stress can occur when we feel under pressure, whether it has been placed by ourselves or others.  Demands can get difficult to cope with, life can seem overwhelming, and you do not feel in control.  We will work through what is causing the stress, how it is making you feel, finding ways of reducing it and using tailored stress management techniques. 

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